Committed to helping children and their caregivers thrive at
all stages of life

Committed to helping children and their caregivers thrive at
all stages of life

Hello, I'm Erica

I work with children, adolescents and adults to create a safe space for growth and learning. I foster a nurturing environment where you and your family can process your thoughts and feelings. My mission is to assist in strengthening the bond between children and their families so that all parties can feel understood.

Whether I am working with a child, teen or their parents, I tailor our work together so that each of my clients can gain tools and coping skills to fit their individual needs. I look forward to compassionately supporting you or your child on your journey of healing and growth. I believe in you and your child’s ability to grow into the most authentic version of yourselves, and to create a more whole and happy life.

Therapy is for Everyone

There is nothing wrong with seeking out therapy for you or your family! I think of therapy as a gift we can give ourselves and our loved ones. Therapy is a way for us to learn about ourselves, gain skills, and improve our wellbeing and mental health. When we look at therapy as a gift that enriches our lives, we can see that wanting therapy for our children and families does not mean we have failed, it means that we are taking an active step towards progress. 

There are many different reasons why families or caregivers may seek therapy for themselves or their children. Individual or group therapy can be used in many different capacities. Click the link below to schedule a complimentary 15 minute phone call and we can assess if my therapy style is the right fit for your needs.

Care at all Stages

Whether you are looking for therapy for your child or teen, yourself as a caregiver or for group or family counseling, we will work together to create a plan that works for your family’s needs.


Individual therapy can be a wonderful way for your child to learn to express their emotions and reinforce developmental skills. Methods like play therapy, positive reinforcement, and talk therapy can be utilized to explore and make sense of your child’s world and their experience in it.


Adolescents and young adults face unique challenges as they come into their own identity. Therapy can help your older child navigate their changing world, while cultivating a space for growth, confidence building, and successfully transitioning to high-school, college or even the workforce.

Caregivers and Parents

Parents can learn invaluable skills by attending therapy. It can feel overwhelming to balance caregiving with your other aspects of life. Therapy helps you manage your own wellbeing, while learning to best support and care for your child. Skills like patience, boundary setting, and behavior management can be a focal point of therapy for caregivers.

Families and Groups

Exploration of group dynamics is an important part of the learning process for both peer groups and families. Whether you are seeking a family session to reconnect or process together or you think your child would benefit from a peer group, group therapy can be a great way to gain useful skills and meaningful insight.